Awakening the Spine Yoga Flow

Awakening the Spine is a free Hatha Yoga Flow filmed on location in the picturesque Thar Desert in India.

The yoga flow is designed to invigorate the body and minds and its smooth transfer between asanas and vinyasa’s provide a excellent way to awake the body, particularly after a healthy sleep.

Awakening the Spine Yoga Flow

The Thar Desert provides a wonderful backdrop to this yoga flow. During our time in Rajasthan, a western province of India, we could not help but feel invigorated by the landscape and the friendly people we met along our journey. As Yoga and Dance teachers, as well as travel writers and bloggers, we view our yoga practice as a life-long journey, an practical art and science we are always exploring.

Hatha Yoga is about balance. It is about drawing awareness from all over our body and shifting that awareness fluidly into each muscle, each movement of the flow. This flow incorporates many asanas and vinyasa that target the nervous system with an emphasis on breath awareness (pranayama). It is a challenging yoga flow and present in three parts from opening entering through to Savasana, focused relaxation. You can enjoy the full video here or check out the full playlist on our TenMoreSteps YouTube channel.

You can learn more about our travels in the region on our site-sites, TenMoreSteps and Travel Tales. For more free yoga videos like this, see our growing list of videos on this site.

Angelina Thorne teaches a yoga flowAwakening the Spine features Angelina Thorne. Angelina has been teaching yoga and middle-eastern dance for more than a decade. She is an experience performer and yogi as well as an accomplished world traveller. She is the co-founder of Devi Yoga, TenMoreSteps, and Scarlet Lux Belly Dance. You can read her articles and blogs in many places across the web or attend private, semi-private, and corporate yoga and belly dance classes.