A Cultivating Focus Yoga Flow

Our Cultivating Focus Yoga Flow is a free Hatha Yoga video incorporating many postures that will be familiar to yoga students. By focusing on these moderately challenging asanas of this focus yoga flow, students will develop body awareness alongside flexibility and circulation.

Enjoy our Free Cultivating Focus Yoga Flow

Much of what we do in yoga helps us cultivate our focus, develop physical and mental balance, create healthy bodies and healthy minds, and it’s simple enough that you can do it almost anywhere. All it requires is willingness and body awareness (some loose fitting cloths help too). In this Focus Yoga Flow, we choose postures that help bring the body and mind to a center point, moving into challenging asanas and back again in an effort to keep growing our overall body awareness.

Taught by Devi Yoga’s Angelina Thorne, and presented here and on our sister-site, TenMoreSteps, this hour-long free yoga flow is here for all yoga students to enjoy, whether you are at home, travelling for business or pleasure, or just taking a quite moment to yourself away from the bustle of life.

focus yoga flow by belly dancer Angelina ThorneFor over a decade, Angelina has helped student improve their heath and well being through yoga. As both a yoga teacher and professional dancer, Angelina understands the importance balance and focus plays in our lives. She is the co-founder of Devi Yoga and also a performer and instructor of Middle Eastern dance.

To help spread the joy we gain from yoga we’ve uploaded this video, and others, to our sister-sites YouTube Channel. We hope you like them, and if you do be sure to give us a ‘thumbs up’ or even a ‘subscribe’. Each video is a full flow including centring and relaxation and taught by Angelina Thorne, both a dedicated yogi and dance teacher (as well as editor and contributor to, TenMoreSteps, and ScarletLux Bellydance, and TravelTales).

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