An Urban Stress Release Yoga Flow

Urban Stress Release Yoga at your fingertips

We recognize that not everyone can make it to a studio, gym, or community centre to practice their yoga flows. As such, we created several free online yoga classes for students to enjoy. Urban Stress Release Yoga was our first ever free yoga video! Since then, we have built a collection of free yoga videos for you to enjoy.

Like any, we live in a urban area, surrounded by noise from traffic, construction, the busy sidewalks, and the sounds spilling from residential and office towers. The constant din can have a great affect on your stress level and we all should take some time, ideally each day, to find a quite spot, a calm spot, away from the hustle and bustle to connect with our inner quiet and stillness.

This series is broken into three parts. You can view them all here our you can head over to our Youtube Channel (shared with our sister site), TenMoreSteps.

If you suffer from the stress of urban living then everyday should be an ‘Urban Stress Release Yoga’ day, but even if you are used to the stresses of living in a metropolis, everyday is a good day to take a moment and relieve yourself of some of the stress that may have built up.

Urban Stress can be devastating to both our mind and our body. Stress effects us on a physical and emotional level and thus purging stress is a great way to stay healthy. There are many methods to relieve stress, some of the key ways involve both mental and physical exercises. Meditation, yoga, even immersion, like embracing the hubbub by taking a walk and enjoying the sounds of the busy streets and vibrant life, are all practical. So is taking time away from your urban environment.

Angelina teaches urban stress release yogaTaught by Devi Yoga’s Angelina Thorne, this flow is designed to provide some respite from the stress of urban living. Urban Stress Release Yoga Flow is about finding a quite place to practice and listen to our bodies and minds. Its about slowing down our rhythm, giving ourselves a break from the chaos, and taking a moment to release our stress and rejuvenate so we can head back out into the world with a clear mind, firm bodies, and a strong focus.